6 Ways To Brighten Your Office

With the recent heatwave to hit the UK, it’s safe to assume that people in offices all across the country have been hit the problem of staring off in to the sun outside (not directly of course!) and not being as productive as they could be all because it’s nice outside. Now the nice weather may be an excuse to be a little less motivated to work, but there are a whole host of reasons that can cause you to grind to a halt as the day goes on. A main contributing factor is surprisingly everything you have within your hand’s reach. Yes our tables are making us worse at our jobs and it’s time we nipped it in the bud.

Now while sites like GQ & Bloomberg do point out that a little bit of mess can be good to help with stress (as this article points out) it’s still no excuse to have half empty water bottles & coffee mugs, a half eaten apple, pack of nuts and pens with no ink all huddled around your keyboard. So what can you do to being some Zen to your workspace?

Here are 5 ways you can brighten up your office this summer.

  • Throw everything off the table
    From: http://dysfunctionalrequirements.com/zen-guide-to-decluttering-your-workspace/
    Take a look around your desk right now. If you can’t see the wood for the trees, or in this case, the table for the reams of paper you have stacked up its time to give your desk a quick overhaul. A cluttered desk is bad for your concentration and your ability to focus work on a task by task basis. Don’t believe us? Science itself has seen that a messy space can be a source of tension for some people, both and work and at home.Our solution to this? Sweet, sweet storage. If you don’t have a small set of mesh shelves to organising documents or some drawers beside your space, start badgering the office for one. Citing how a neatly organised space will boost productivity won’t go unnoticed. And if you really don’t have the budget for it, head to the kitchen and start using a mug for putting all your stationery. It’s the simple things that work best.
  • Add some colour
    the spaceiest desk
    This example I seen in Spaceist is a great way of using colours to make a space pop. Your eyes are drawn the table and shelves in this picture in a way that you might not even notice that the office has been painted black; usually a big no-no but here it works wonder to help the furniture stand out. In most offices you either have white, grey (or if you’re feeling a bit trendy) blue. Colours shouldn’t stand out like an eyesore but rather compliment everything around you. If you don’t have the luxury of a nice office like this to make colourful, I’d recommend some cheap art to hang up in eye-view. A quick trip to Tiger or Ikea should do the job. Many new restaurants also employ this tactic to make sure customers feel like they’re sitting in anything but a restaurant. I seen an example of a Nandos in Edinburgh done by Scottish Bespoke joinery firm Allstar Joinery that turns the average grilled chicken joint in to something you’d expect to see in a Southern European restaurant.


  • Go au naturale

    Are you the kind of person who sits at their desk to eat lunch and check up on Facebook? Chances are you’re not getting enough green in your life. Before thinking you have to traipse off to the park every day at 1, you might want to get a little desk plant. A study carried out by the University of Exeter found that when someone had a plant on their desk their productivity was boosted by 15% compared to those who didn’t. My tip: go and get one of those little cactuses you can buy in pretty much every DIY store and big supermarket. They are very low maintenance and take a long time to wither, so you won’t get depressed if you neglect it by accident.


  • Radiate your space

    Do me a favour. Have a look behind you or under your desk and I reckon I can guess what colour your radiator is. Are you ready? Go and look. I can wait.
    Did you look?
    Let me guess.
    It’s white isn’t it?!Practically every office out there is missing out on a quick trick to add some colour and individuality by getting rid of that drab white radiator that hasn’t been painted in year and giving the space a worthy replacement. The example in the photo above is associated with a range of Trade Radiators traditional heated towel rails that are from right here in the UK. A new radiator can really help to define a space and add some character. Many big companies like Google use this idea as a way of fitting a practical feature in with their quirky looking offices. It’s also nice to stand by in the winter mornings when you need to thaw out a wet and windy commute.


  • Don’t tell the time
    Remember those days in school, especially on Fridays, when you would find yourself sitting slumped at your desk and watching the clock, counting down the minutes until you can go home? Turns out its a habit that can follow us later in life. I seen this great little article from Lifehacker on the positives of have a “clockless” office to help you focus on work rather than literally watching the minutes go by. It also has that added juicy benefit of being able to go “Oh time has flown by today” if you’ve been working away and not been keeping track of every second under the sun.
  • Ditch Your Phone
    Even more distracting than a clock are our phones. From having a quick check of Facebook to making sure your Instagram like quota is being hit every day, your phone is essentially one big distraction machine. One of the tips I read on GQ was to throw your phone in a drawer out of sight all day to avoid having to glance every time you hear it buzz. I can do one better than though. Set up alarms on your phone for defined periods, usually an hour or 90 minutes apart, and use that as your break away from work. If you start thinking of checking your phone as work, you’ll soon find you don’t want to look at it as much.Getting chairs for the office doesnt have to be expensive either. Because chairs are usually long lasting, companies have begun to sell second hand chairs and furniture. Make sure that you don’t rush into buying brand new chairs when you could get refurbished ones online, free delivery. Meaning that you have other things to spend your money on. http://www.gazelleoffice.co.uk/used-office-furniture/chairs

  • Move your office Location is such an important thing for an office, as it makes perfect sense for an office to be central so that employees can manage to get into work hassle-free and effectively daily. If it’s out of the way your employees won’t be as full of life and productivity, but could end up viewing the location as a task to get to and levels of productivity could drop. Ablemove Wotton’s run an office removals service, which, with their large vans, can transport all of the items in your office to another destination for an affordable one off price. No matter if it’s city to city or country to country. Vist their website for more information: http://www.ablemove-wottons.co.uk/

And if you are a business owner have you thought about shifting premises? Location can be everything and make it easier for your employees to get to work; check out the offices for sale in Taverham to get some great ideas. Now take this advice and turn your desk in somewhere you want to be rather than have to be!