What is Private Equity?







As independent adults we are often expected to know what financial terms are, although throughout school we are often not taught about it at all. Even basic advice on tax. Often the terminology used for the financial aspects of life will confuse people.

We have decided to give a simple, straightforward guide to what private equity actually is in the hope that it will come in useful for anyone who is struggling to get their head around it.

Private equity explained


Private equity is basically putting an investment into something out with the stock exchange market. It’s a term which is generally used to describe all of the different funds that take money from a group of keen investors in order to culminate millions and in some cases billions of funds. These funds are then spent to acquire stakes in companies.

Private equity is often confused with venture capital, although private equity is usually identified with the search for mature and revenue which is looking for a bit of a face-life to make their business more revitalised.

Private equity is more specifically for established business investments. These sort of bigger companies are usually franchises who specialise in manufacturing and services. Venture capital is more appropriate for younger companies who aren’t yet established. These companies are usually trying to develop and sell cutting-edge technologies which have a big potential in investment return.


How does private equity work?


In a lot of cases you’ll see that a private equity firm will purchase a company outright. Sometimes the previous founders will continue to work and run the business – although this will probably not be the case if the company bought were under-performing in their industry. The other common private equity strategies include cashing out current investors within a company (in many cases the founder), providing expansion capital and helping out a business on the brink with providing recapitalisation.

Leveraged buyouts are also associated with private equity. A leveraged buyout is when the fund borrows additional finances to increase its buying power.

Who are the best private equity companies in the world?

If you are reading this article in hopes to one day be able to invest your own money, we have completed a list of the worlds best private equity specialising companies. These companies can be contacted through their websites and have extensive information on their website to what methods in private equity they use. Have a look and see if one of these companies and the right one for your business venture.


EQT are based in Stockholm, Sweden and are considered the best in private equity in Scandinavia.



Goodwin Law

Goodwin are a company who provide the best private equity service in America. They also provide the services of financial industry, real estate industry and much more. Have a look at their private equity services here










RRJ have been the leading private equity experts in Asia for many years, based in Hong Kong and Singapore, this companies services are perfect for individuals looking to invest in Asian businesses.


Scottish Parliament Building

The Scottish Parliament building is home to the Scottish Government at Hollyrood and is situated in central Edinburgh within the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The site previously housed the headquarters of the Scottish and Newcastle brewery which was demolished to make way for the building.

The building was designed with a number of sustainability features in mind however this came at a price and the initial budget of £40 million in 1997 had spiraled out of control to £414 million by 2007.

Beetham Tower, Manchester

It is billed as being the largest residential building in Europe and the largest building outside of London. Standing at 47 stories high it houses 16 penthouses, 219 luxury apartments and even a fully functional hotel. Completed in 2006 and named after the Beetham Organization tower is built on an incredibly narrow piece of ground and is regarded as a phenomenal piece or architecture.

Although its stylish design has come at a price; an intermittent humming noise can be heard in windy weather and is thought to emanate from the roof’s glass blade. Work to eradicate the noise permanently has been unsuccessful so far and it has been suggested that the decorative glass blade could be removed permanently.

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Chiswick House and Gardens

Noted as one of the finest remaining examples of Neo-Palladian architecture in London, Chiswick House is situated in Burlington Lane in the borough of Hounslow. This Georgian era palace was designed by Lord Burlington and was completed in 1729. The house and 65 acre estate are one of the earliest examples of the archetypical English landscape garden.

During the 19th century the house fell into decline, it was used as a hospital from 1892-1929 and became a fire station afterward. In 1944 the palace was damaged by a V2 rocket and soon after both wings had to be demolished. What is left is however a splendid reminder of the country’s past and is maintained by English Heritage.

Selfridges Birmingham

The landmark Selfridge Building is situated in the centre of Birmingham and was designed by the architecture firm Future Systems. The building was completed in 2003 at a cost of £60 million. Since it was built the building has become a major landmark and valuable contribution to the regeneration of Birmingham.

The building’s design is curved and its facade is covered in 15,000 anodized aluminum discs and has been the recipient of various architectural awards.

Eltham Palace

Situated within the Royal Borough of Greenwich in South East London, Eltham Palace is a stunning medieval royal palace that is one of the most popular tourist destinations in London. Now an unoccupied royal residence still owned by the Crown Estate, the palace is now open to the public throughout the year.

The internal art deco design has been hailed as a ‘modern masterpiece’; the palace was originally given to Edward 2nd by the Bishop of Durham. Since then it has undergone numerous face lifts to become the spectacular building we see today.

As you might imagine London is packed with some of the most impressive architecture in London which makes it ideal for anyone visiting.

Beyond the architecture there are countless sights and attractions from Buckingham Palace and Tower Bridge to the many great museums, galleries and national heritage sights.

For film lovers you can catch a star studded premiere at Leicester Square, visit the Harry Potter studios or take one of the many tours that take you to film locations filmed in the city.

Sport fans have some of the best options in Europe with Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham all based in London along side scores of other great teams.

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Theater goers will be well aware of London’s famous west end and will have a choice of some of the finest plays and musicals to choose from.

If it is retail therapy you are after then London has the best high street brands, designer brands and independent boutiques to choose from.

To top it all off London has an unbelievable range of restaurants and bars for all price ranges.

Anyone visiting London will want to research fully any options available before they go so they don’t miss out on anything that they would have enjoyed.