Explore Edinburgh

The gothic city of Edinburgh is a great place to come for a city break with friends, family or your loved ones. Let’s check out what to do while in town.

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There’s lot to see and do in the city. One of the biggest yearly attractions here is the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It takes place during the month of August and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors from Scotland, England and all over the world. The city is known to have a passion for the arts so it’s no surprise that the festival is as big as it is. Enjoy comedy, art and other performers as they showcase their skills at various venues in the city. People visit for the whole month or a few days, depending on their budget, how long they get off from domestic duties like work and so on. 2017 looks to be one of the most important Fringes in recent memory as it will be the 70th year since it started.

If you enjoy exploring the history of Edinburgh and the scenery nearby then take a walk to the extinct volcano of Arthur’s Seat. Situated in the city outskirts, reaching the top is relatively simple and when you arrive, you get views of Edinburgh from a bird eye view which are unmatched elsewhere in the city.

The capital is also home to a number of great bars and clubs. If you’re looking for things to do at night then making new friends with the locals and students in the bars and clubs in the evening is also a must.  Take time out in the Old Town, Leith and enjoy a beer while exploring your new surroundings.

When you arrive here, you can’t leave without taking in a show at the Edinburgh Playhouse. The old cinema can take in an audience of around 3000 so enjoy a play, stand up comedy or something else and see what Edinburgh really stands for with a show at one of its oldest venues.

These are only a few of the many attractions available here. We suggest planning your trip before you come so you get the best Edinburgh experience possible.

Edinburgh is indeed famous for it’s unique identity and appearance, which makes it one of the best places to visit in the UK. The thing which always polarizes locals and tourists about the city is the link between old and new. you’ll notice the bottom half of buildings are much more modern than the top half.  This is due to edinburgh shop fitting companies such as All Star Joinery among other well known shop fitting/restaurant fitting companies in the nations capital.  The question is, do you think that these buildings should be left they way they were created hundreds of years ago or are you in favour of revamping the building to preserve it for later years.