Middle Eastern Surprises

When you visit the Middle East most tourists visit the likes of Dubai and Doha in Qatar, but there are a number of other places to visit in this region of the world. Let’s take a look and see where to go!

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So the Middle East is filled with lots of countries. Some are worth visiting for their ancient history while others are great for their beaches and nightlife. Let’s take a look at the places worth visiting in 2017.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv, what can be said? located on the Mediterranean in Israel, its known for its amazing nightlife, Bauhaus architecture and white sandy beaches. The most liberal place in the Middle East, you can enjoy culture, history, nightlife and good food all in the one place.

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One of the safest places to visit in the Middle East, Jordan is home to a number of fantastic attractions that are worth a visit. Avoid the border close to Syria but apart from there’s places such as Petra where you will find the Seven Wonders of the World. Jordan is a place that offers you the chance to float in the Dead Sea (must do) and take a trip to Aqaba and dive in the warm crisp waters. Most Jordanians speak English so you’re in for a great time here.

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Manama, Bahrain

Manama is another place to visit on your Middle Eastern adventure. Known as the trading centre of the Gulf, the city has two large sets of twin towers which are the Financial Harbor towers and the Bahraini World Trade Center. There are many places to stay in Bahrain with hotels near Seef, Manama especially popular.