Common Boiler Problems

The boiler is one of those things that you simply don’t think about; that is until something goes wrong! As soon as your boiler does go wrong, one question will be at the forefront of your mind and that is ‘How much is it going to cost?’Aside from the inconvenience of having no hot water and no heating, fixing a boiler can be a pricy business. Find out the most common causes for boiler malfunction and failure right here. Continue reading “Common Boiler Problems” »

6 Ways To Brighten Your Office

With the recent heatwave to hit the UK, it’s safe to assume that people in offices all across the country have been hit the problem of staring off in to the sun outside (not directly of course!) and not being as productive as they could be all because it’s nice outside. Now the nice weather may be an excuse to be a little less motivated to work, but there are a whole host of reasons that can cause you to grind to a halt as the day goes on. A main contributing factor is surprisingly everything you have within your hand’s reach. Yes our tables are making us worse at our jobs and it’s time we nipped it in the bud. Continue reading “6 Ways To Brighten Your Office” »

Scottish Parliament Building

The Scottish Parliament building is home to the Scottish Government at Hollyrood and is situated in central Edinburgh within the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The site previously housed the headquarters of the Scottish and Newcastle brewery which was demolished to make way for the building.

The building was designed with a number of sustainability features in mind however this came at a price and the initial budget of £40 million in 1997 had spiraled out of control to £414 million by 2007.

Beetham Tower, Manchester

It is billed as being the largest residential building in Europe and the largest building outside of London. Standing at 47 stories high it houses 16 penthouses, 219 luxury apartments and even a fully functional hotel. Completed in 2006 and named after the Beetham Organization tower is built on an incredibly narrow piece of ground and is regarded as a phenomenal piece or architecture.

Although its stylish design has come at a price; an intermittent humming noise can be heard in windy weather and is thought to emanate from the roof’s glass blade. Work to eradicate the noise permanently has been unsuccessful so far and it has been suggested that the decorative glass blade could be removed permanently.

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