Why Bother With Budapest?

Budapest is one those cities. Mysterious, magical and and a little wild. Unless you’ve been here you don’t really know what to expect and that was the same for me. Beware of Budapest came to mind and then I thought why bother with Budapest at all? Here’s why you should!

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In some circles they say that Budapest reminds them of Paris so they call it the Paris of Middle Europe. The city has a lot to offer, its monuments, its ancient culture and the history of all the people who settled in this region. The Romans had a hand in shaping what Budapest is today while the the Turkish influence have left their mark which can still be seen to this day. The city has always had a cultural tug of war between western Europe and Eastern.
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Budapest has to sides to it and it’s all in the name. Buda and Pest which are separated by the River Danube. It’s shows the different sides to Hungary’s capital city.
Both parts of the city offer a different experience. Buda has an abundance of medieval streets, Roman ruins and museums while Pest is home to riverside promenades, cafes, book stores and the biggest parliament building in the whole of Europe. Budapest is one of those cities that has everything for everyone.
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Budapest has a lot of modern structures too including the well know Hungexpo convention centre that hosts various events and shows throughout the year.
Churches, synagogues,  cool architectural buildings are all here, another place to visit the Budapest Baths that’s popular with tourists and locals alike. It’s so easy to get around here that there’s various hotel choices to choose from but we suggest the serviced apartment option as you can relax like you’re at home while being on the door step to a lot of attractions.